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Kriyat Yam Suf at the Kotel

Anyone who was not at the Kotel at Chatzot on the night of Shevii Shel Pesach, did not get to witness the “Kriyat Yam Suf” status.

I was there at the Kotel, in those sublime moments of the Kriyat Yam Suf, and I was privileged to see the number of privileged Kohanim up close, they may not have noticed me because they were busy with their prayer. I stood on the sidelines, and listened in amazement to their prayer that spilled over the entire expanse. It was quite empty around, as usual at such an hour, the Minyan of the privileged Kohanim by “Shomea Tefilla”, were almost the only ones in the place, public messengers of thousands of people who sent them here today.

The voices of the prayer were pouring out and sweet. The chapters of the Tehilim were recited in the pleading melody of the Chazan on Yamim Norayim. “The Lord of the world please do for those who are waiting for a Shidduch, for the sake of hundreds of thousands of Melitzay Yosher, who did not have the privilege of leaving a lasting seed after them, that we study and pray for the uplifting of their souls” the voices rose, in a melody filled with pain of “אבינו מלכינו – עשה למענך אם לא למעננו”. .. and for a moment it also sounds like the Chazan’s cry “שמע קולנו – חוס ורחם עלינו”…

After about 50 minutes of reciting Tehilim with the outpouring of the soul, they take out the “lists of names for prayer” each name is said by itself, the detailed requests for each contributor are said slowly and quietly, lest they reach foreign ears and shame those who they pray for.

And something in dwelling on each and every name gave enormous meaning to this special prayer. I found myself thinking about this guy who is asking for his Shidduch and having difficulty finding him because of a health problem, about this girl who lingers at her parents’ house, and her pure heart is still asking for a Ben Torah, about the tears that hide behind every one there, about all disappointments and prayers…

Then the realization dawns on me: “They are here every night, so they pray for the donors every night!!!”

Night after night, a huge and terrible prayer rises from here, the prayer of Rabim. This is the prayer of those who have true charity and kindness who contributed to the upliftment of the souls of Jews who did not have the privilege of leaving a viable seed behind them, and to the support of poor families of Jerusalem.

I came back from there with the feeling that “those who prayed for them that night will surely get engaged soon B’ezrat HaShem!”

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