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For the benefit of the lonely souls
Chesed Shel Emes for Jews who did not leave behind them children
Partnership in a Sefer Torah
For the uplifting of the souls who left no children behind
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Stories of Yeshuot

Shomea Tefilla activity

Imagine how excited and happy you would be if you are being told that every month there is one special day, the value and power of which is similar
Life in this world is demanding and not easy, and as much as we try to live it to the fullest despite the obstacles and difficulties, we already
The mitzvah of charity is very great and there are no words to describe the power of its virtues and powers, it can even save a person from death that
The seniors are the people who paved the way for the generations that come after them – spiritually and physically. With dedication and endless love
In preparation for Passover, the graph of financial expenses in Jewish homes jumps sharply, when quite a few people stand embarrassed in front of
The great privilege of bringing a new life into the world involves great complexity, along with the great happiness it entails. The pregnant woman
Writing a Sefer Torah is a tremendous privilege, which few words can claim to serve as an adequate expression of its greatness. In Sefer Devarim we
There is nothing holier, sweeter and higher than the prayer and study of the pure Torah of the holy Jewish children! When we started the special
It can be said that today there isn’t a Jew in the world who studies the Daf Yomi, who does not know the posters of ‘Toras Chesed’, many learners join
Lighting a candle for the memory of the soul is an ancient and holy Jewish minag. In Sefer Mishlei is written: ‘נר ה’ נשמת אדם’, and from this we
A special satisfaction is caused to the souls who did not leave children in this world but were privileged to leave behind them Chidushei Torah, their
Every night, in summer and winter, at sensitive times as well as at normal times, at midnight (Chatzot), at the time when Hashem moves from the
The Kabbalah books state the great importance of learning Kabbalah in holy places, there you can gain a special understanding of the Kabbalah and
The Posek Hador, Rabbi Eliashiv Zt’l, who was involved in the idea of opening the special organization ‘Shomea Tefilla’, personally asked the head of
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