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The wine of salvation of Maran Rabbi Chaim kanievsky zt’l

There is almost no Jew in the world who still does not know about it

The wine of salvation of Maran HaGaon Rabbi Chaim Kanievsky Zt’l, has already become a well-known concept, to the point that there is hardly a Jew in the world who has not heard of it.

Indeed, it is not just that this wine is in such demand, because hundreds and thousands have received wonderful salvations above the way of nature thanks to this holy wine.


The class in which the wine of salvation was consecrated

Once a year, on Erev Pesach, there was a very special and moving ceremony at the home of Maran Rabbi Chaim Kanievsky Zt’l, a ceremony full of majesty and holiness, in this event Maran Zt’l would finish the Shas in Bavly and Yerushalmi!

For those who don’t know, the majority of the public who get to finish the Shas does so once every 7 years by hard and arduous study of a page of Gemara every day, so by simple calculation it turns out that Maran has to study 7 pages every day (!) and this is of course only from the Talmud Bavly…

That is why it is no wonder that the status is so exciting and noble, the genius of the generation who sits down and finishes the Talmud after a year full of toil and effort, no wonder that those who get to drink the wine on which Maran blesses at this high and holy hour gets to see visible salvation eye to eye.


The connection to Shomea Tefilla

When the head of Shomea Tefilla, Rabbi Reuven Zvi Kahana Shlita came to the house of Maran Zt’l, he received a special closeness from him, Maran sat with him in his private room and not in the room where he usually used to receive audience, and Maran Zt’l showed great kindness for the special activity of Shomea Tefilla.

Maran Rabbi Chaim Kanievsky Zt’l also testified that those who donate to Shomea Tefilla and take part in the chesed shel emes, win wonderful salvations because the lost souls petition in even and ask to return a favor to those who do for the elevation of their souls!


There are countless stories of miracles and salvations

If we come to tell about the salvation that those who drank this holy and blessed wine get to see, we can bring thousands of stories.

It is enough if we bring the personal testimony of Maran’s wife, who was the one who brought us this holy wine.

Rabbi Kanievsky’s wife ע”ה, testified that thanks to this wine, hundreds had children, Refuah, Shiduchim and for salvation above the way of nature in every matter.

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