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Prayer for shidduchim in “amuka”

A prayer for shidduchim on the grave of Rabbi Yonatan ben Uziel in “Amuka”.
Everyone who is there knows what it is… the moment comes when you are really close to despair, when you believe that happiness belongs only to others, the moment when you are tired of knocking and knocking on locked gates, when you run out of strength, and you have no energy for almost-Mazl Tov, For nerve-racking waiting, for the pity of others, for cakes that were baked and refrozen. For negative answers, which you usually also answer.

You should know. You’re not alone!!!!!!
It’s not something imaginary. This is a personal testimony of the Rabbi David Abuchatzira Shalita who testified: “I have hundreds of thousands of ‘מליצי יושר’ in heaven.”

And when these pure souls will stand beside the prayer of the messengers of “Shomea Tefilla” during the special prayer at the grave of Rabbi Yonatan ben Uziel in Amuka, who also did not leave behind him a lasting seed, a prayer that radiates the light of holiness and the grace of truth, and an indescribable depth of emotion – all these coalesce into a polished deep prayer, a prayer whose results are already seen here, in this world, without waiting long…

It is no longer a secret that prayers held together with Tzdaka for “Shomea Tefilla” who are engaged in perpetuating the memory of all those who died without leaving children after them, are accepted in full, many times, even in a place close to despair.

40 days of prayers that will surely not return empty
The prayer of the messengers of “Shomea Tefilla” in Amuka on the day of the Hilula of Rabbi Yonatan ben Uziel, who also did not leav a lasting seed after him, opens a special cycle of prayers for 40 consecutive days that will be held at Chatzot by the Kotel, a place where the Holy Shechinah has never moved away!

You can still join. “someone who prays for forty days – will surely be answered” – it is written in the Holy Zohar.

You cannot come on your own forty days in a row, but the messengers of “Shomea Tefilla” are there for you day after day. Forty consecutive days of shouting for your name, forty days of pleas, that you will be blessed with a decent Shidduch, and that you will see the chain of generations continue to glory.

Here – what is there to lose. The money in any case goes to charity of “Chesed Shel Emet” and supporting needy families from the poor of Jerusalem. Hashem’s salvation in the blink of an eye, prayer is outside the bounds of nature. Where all efforts have ended and only despair remains – there comes prayer and turns the sky. A prayer of forty days that is surely answered.

We hope to see salvation in our eyes, we hope to hear good news, and even if God forbid we don’t see it with our eyes – we will always know that the prayer was registered in your personal account, and at the most appropriate moment it will save you.

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