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A salvation that began at midnight…

My brother’s engagement last month, no one in the neighborhood missed, everyone in our neighborhood shared in the efforts, and when we finally managed to find him found his match, everyone felt part of the joy.

But not everyone knows the story that led to the exciting joy, and it is important for me to make it public.

It was that two months before that during Hanukkah, I’ve been in Jerusalem and decided to go up to the Kotel to pray for my brother, there I found a group of people praying over a list of names, I asked them who they are and who they are praying for.

One of the people explained to me that they are from kollel “Shomea Tefilla” and they are here every night and have a study order and afterwards they pray for those who donate to the kollel and take part in the mitzvah of true chesed shel emes.

I decided on the spot to donate and add my brother’s name to the prayer list for 40 consecutive days.

Even before 40 days had passed, the long-awaited proposal arrived, and a short time later we celebrated the engagement with a large crowd!!!

I decided not to withhold good from those who are also expecting salvation, and to publish the story publicly, so that they would know what to do when it seems that all the gates are locked.

Avraham Shlomo Golan, Elad

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