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The soul came to inform the reason for delaying the match

A week after Passover, we saw in the newspaper about the special virtue of the “Shomea Tefilla” institutions, and we decided that since we are 3 grown-up sisters who have already tried so much, we will try this too, maybe from here our salvation will grow.

Indeed, I immediately called and gave my name and the names of my sisters, they should pray for us for 40 consecutive days at the Kotel, and of course we also took it upon ourselves to light a candle every day for the lonely souls on the list of “Shomea Tefilla”.

Indeed, already that evening we started lighting the candle, and so every night before we went to sleep, we lit the candle.

In Lag B’Omer I went to Miron, and I came back very late, and due to fatigue, I went to sleep and forgot to light a candle, I woke up in the middle of the night and remembered that I hadn’t lit the candle yet, I immediately got up and lit the candle and went back to sleep.

Then I dreamed that I was standing by the window and lighting a candle as usual at night, and a figure suddenly appears from behind the window laughing at me and telling me that all the candles will not help me until we ask for forgiveness!

I woke up and immediately woke up my sisters, I told them about the dream, when in the process I also remembered who this mysterious figure was, it was someone that already passed away the husband of a poor woman who used to live near us, and we, as girls, used to bully her.

The very next day we went up to her house with a big present and asked for her forgiveness.

I’m already engaged, and my sister is also very close thank god, and I hope that the third sister will also soon find her match.


family G. Zefat

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