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Unbelievable how simple and easy it is to get a salvation!

Our talented son, has long since reached his time, his friends got engaged and married one after the other, and to everyone’s surprise only he stayed behind. We pained his pain, without seeing salvation in sight.
Not long ago, I happened to be exposed to the activity of “Shomea Tefilla” and the mitzvah of chesed shel emes, and I decided to try this too for the sake of my beloved son.
I got in touch with the Yeshua Center and asked to donate and take part in the chesed shel emes, and at the same time I took on myself a good acceptance for those souls who did not leave behind any descendants, and with excitement and with a trembling voice I gave my son’s name for the 40-day prayer at the Kotel.
They promised to start straightaway the 40 consecutive days for my son at the Western Wall.
That night, late at night, the phone rang, and an unknown man made a new offer. I refused to believe that salvation came so quickly. I asked for an extension of a few days. I wanted to research a little about the offer.
The next day I sat down to make inquiries, the outpouring of praise that started to flow made me realize that this was the long awaited offer we had been waiting for all these years. The salvation that was delayed has arrived.
A few days later the plate was broken and my son got engaged by luck.

I promised to publish – Miri H.  Jerusalem

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