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A salvation that came by way of a miracle and the sign from heaven…

On erev Rosh Hashanah I went up to ancestral graves on Har ha-Zeitim, as I do every year, but this year I lingered there much longer, I needed several salvations in health and livelihood, when I came out I came across a gravestone of a Jew I knew, who died without leaving behind descendants, I approached the grave and said a chapter of Tehillim.

On the way back home I thought a lot about this deceased person I knew, and I thought that surely no one remembers him anymore, I thought to myself that I might do something for his soul.

Unfortunately, the rush and stress of the holidays made me forget the whole thing, so I did nothing for his soul.

More than a month later, in the middle of the month of Chesvan while waiting for a consultation with a professor, I came across an ad of “virtuous prayer and confession” and I remembered erev Rosh Hashanah…

Now I didn’t wait any longer, and immediately called “Shomea Tefillah”, I took upon myself to light a candle for the souls and especially for the deceased I knew, and I gave the names of my family members for the 40 day prayer at the Kotel.

Today after about three months, I can tell you that we had a salvation in all matters by God’s blessing!!!


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S. Robinson, Elad

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