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Even though we laughed and didn’t believe it…

Every time I came across the ads of the virtue of salvation by chesed shel emes, I laughed at it and also used to explain my thoughts on the matter to all my friends, I argued in everyone’s ears that it is a new invention and that it has no origin.

Not long ago, I told one of my friends that my brother got divorced after a difficult period, and now we are looking for a match for him.

He suggested that I still try the virtue of chesed shel emes, but I insisted that it would not help and that it has no source.

To my friend’s credit, he didn’t give up, and when he couldn’t convince me, he told me, you know what, I’ll do it for your brother! And he immediately called to give my brother’s name to pray for 40 consecutive days at the Kotel and took upon himself to light a candle for the lonelys.

Only two weeks later (!) we received a special offer, and after a few weeks of inquiries and meetings, the match was closed, and in God’s willing on these days the wedding will actually take place.

This week I met again the same friend who did this special virtue for my brother, and he recommended that I publish the story.

So here it is in front of you!

Haim G.  Bnei Brak

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