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When our entire livelihood was at stake…

During Passover we went on a trip to the north, we also took with us the professional camera of my wife who works as a photographer.

We left on time, arrived earlier than expected to the north, and decided to also do a route of about half an hour’s walk.

What we didn’t know is that the route goes through a watercourse, so we didn’t leave the camera in the car.

When we got to the water we realized that now we’re supposed to get wet while also keeping the camera…

We entered the stream keeping the camera as much as possible, but unfortunately the camera fell into the water, and it took a few minutes before we managed to get it out of the water.

We got under pressure, we started to worry, “What will happen? This is our livelihood… One of the children suggested that we try the “the way to Salvation”, and we all agreed.

We continued to the end of the route, returned to the car, and from there called to donate to “Shomea Tefillah”, and left the camera in the car with the decision that when we get home we will see what can be done with it.

When we got home at night, it turned out that we had left the camera on the dashboard in the hot sun, which basically dried the camera completely, and it was acting like nothing happened to it!

Avraham D.  Beit Shemesh

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