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When the doctor asked what’s “chesed shel emes”…

Our son complained several times about pain, we went to the doctor and he directed us to more in-depth tests while preparing us that the results might be worrisome, and recommended a specialist doctor with whom we could consult.

We went to do the tests with a heart full of concerns and immediately booked an appointment with the specialist that was recommended to us.

A week later we received the results, and we had to wait a few more days for our appointment.

For the first time we understood for what we ask for “refuah shleima” we understood how important prayer is…

When the appointment came, and we wanted to go to the specialist, we saw that the test results disappeared, out of no choice we rebooked the appointment for another date .

In the meantime, we heard about the wonderful virtue of the forty-day prayer at the Kotel combined with chesed shel emes, and we immediately submitted our son’s name to the prayer.

After we did the repeat test, and got ready to go to the specialist we also found the first results, we decided to bring them both to the doctor.

The doctor who checked the 2 results didn’t want to believe it and asked us what we did between the two tests, we told him “chesed shel emes”!

He sent us to verify the second test, and thank god we were informed with good results.

Family R. Kiryat Sefer

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